Investing after Retirement

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So you have spent your life saving for retirement, and now that you’re here, you’re probably wondering what to do with your retirement savings.


1) Invest conservatively with principle protection.

2) Use funds in a tax-savvy way.

3) Beat inflation.


The stock market: When you reach retirement, it may be tempting to take the large sum of money in your retirement accounts and use them to invest in risky investments that promise high yield in a short amount of time. However, this is not a wise move, since these types of investments also have a high probability of losing large sums of money quickly and you may not have time to recuperate any losses at an older age.

Bank CD’s and Saving Accounts: Relatively stable investments such as bonds, certificates of deposit (CDs), money market accounts may offer a safe option for your retirement savings but the extremely low interest  rates along with these accounts being taxed they barely keep up with inflation.  They are much more secure options that will keep your principal safe along with stock market growth without the risk.

Benefits of Annuities

Annuities offer is that they allow you to sock away a larger amount of cash without annual contribution limit 401(k)s and IRA’S.

Annuities allows your interest to accrue on a tax-deferred basis until you choose to withdraw your money.

Annuities allow you the upside potential of the stock market without any of the down side risk….guaranteed!

Annuities can provide a guaranteed monthly income for LIFE…an income you CANNOT outlive!

Last, an annuity serves as a complement to other retirement income sources, such as Social Security and pension plans.

If you’re in retirement, you need to consider these questions:

  • How can you continue to generate a stream of income in retirement?
  • How can you protect your retirement savings and assets from unplanned events like healthcare expenses?
  • What effect will working during retirement have on your Social Security benefits?

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